About the Alliance

We aim to put, centre stage, the voice of people who draw on care so technology enabled systems and solutions are genuinely co-produced and person-centred. We will do this by bringing together public, private and voluntary sector organisations, connecting them with government departments and ensuring that all conversations and decision-making involve people who use health, care and housing services.

The TEC Action Alliance brings together a wide range of organisations committed to ensure technology best supports people who draw on care and support. It is co-chaired by Clenton Farquharson, Chair of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), a partnership dedicated to making health and care more personalised, and  Alyson Scurfield, CEO of the TEC Services Association (TSA), the representative body for technology enabled care (TEC) services across the UK.

Meet the key people driving the Alliance mission for Action and Change in TEC.


“It’s all too easy for people in health and care to work in silos. We seek to change this by convening people and organisations and helping industry best develop the technology to support personalised care and work alongside government to ensure their policy priorities are turned into action.”

Katy Cox, TEC Action Alliance Director

Image of TEC action alliance partners at quarterly meeting