People, purpose and trust

Emil Peters, new Group CEO of Tunstall Healthcare, shares his insight into the TEC sector a few months into his new role.

Joining Tunstall Healthcare this year comes right at that anniversary of Tunstall being established as a business for 65 years, which is a heritage to be extremely proud of, and I feel privileged to be part of the Tunstall story.

The organisation started by repairing televisions at a time when that was the pinnacle of “high tech”, but soon progressed to using technology to support people in their homes. This speaks volumes to me about the ability of our company to change, to develop, to try. It also speaks of the relationships formed and fostered which enabled this to happen. Both of these elements remain core to the Tunstall philosophy of innovation and partnership. From my own experience of 25 years working in “health tech” I have seen how little technology has to do with progress and how much trust and vision are its essences. It’s all about people – colleagues, customers and clients.

It’s with that viewpoint that I’m delighted to be part not just of the Tunstall team, but of our team. A team of passionate people that have dedicated their working lives to make lives of others better. Simply put, we are in the life business. This I juxtapose to my own very fruitful and meaningful career experience in the ‘sick care’ industry. Just as purposeful, no doubt, but effort and expense put into repairing those lives that have been broken by illness, disease, and circumstance.

However, we can and must do so much better than that.

Our ability to deliver solutions and services that need to meet people where they are no matter their cultural background, their economic circumstances, nor their age nor any other self-identification category is what stands before us. Facilitating wellness and improving quality of life, not just responding to crises. What I believe will be the differentiating factor this time is our ability to share with, stimulate, and collaborate with one another to deliver enduring success. That brings me back to the essence of what we will need to continue to build – trust.

Millions of people around the world rely upon our technology, but without the people and services behind it, it couldn’t make change and save lives in the way that it does every single day. Tunstall will continue to build, nurture and champion trust within the industry, and work even harder to partner and co-produce value to make a lasting and meaningful difference not just in the lives of future generations but in our lives too.